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Viktor B started playing the violin at the age of 4 and grew up in a musician family. Both parents were professional musicians (professors - mother double bass and piano and father french horn), and were the last generation students of the legendary Zoltan Kodaly and Gyorgy Kurtag. His brother and sister are professional violinists, and elder brother cello and viola de gamba soloist and teacher. Being surrounded by professional musicians created such a keen atmosphere that helped him develop an ear for music, and got into the 'Special Young Talents' Course' at age 10 at Bela Bartok Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Music, University of Szeged.


He studied first at Konig Peter School of Music 1987 - 1992, then 'Special Young Talents Course' at University of Szeged 1993 - 1996 in Hungary and later graduated with a BA Hons degree. He won the Ferenc Farkas Violin Competition in 1995 in Hungary and played in orchestras and performed in events across Hungary, Ireland and Spain.


During his career he took interest in Classical, Irish traditional and Electronic music of which he took advantage of by creating a repertoire in two distinct styles, classical and modern electronic music.

In terms of music composing he is keeping a wide rage, from classical and jazz to pop and electronic styles depending on the project.


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